Halo Suites Day Spa - Where we say Ha-lo to relaxation........
 Not merely a luxury but a necessity.  Massage is the ultimate stress relief.  Allow our licensed massage therapists to soothe away muscle tension and restore balance to your body and mind.
Halo Massage
 A relaxation massage focused on relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation, reducing stress, and improving skin and muscle tone.
30 min $35    60 min $65   
 90min $100    120min $150

Prenatal Massage
                Relieve the physical and emotional discomfort of pregnancy.  Available only during 2 & 3 trimester.........
30min $40   60min  $70

Hot Stone Massage
                This massage increases a deeper state of relaxation.  Basalt stones, which are made from volcanoes, are heated and used to massage the body, along with Swedish strokes.  The heat penetrates into the muscle tissue, melting away stress , allowing deeper muscle tension to be released……………60 min $80      90min  $115

Deep Tissue Massage
   Designed to target the deeper structures of the muscle and connective tissue.  Deep tissue massages applies more pressure and focuses on areas that require relief…………...

30min  $40    60min  $75     90min  $110


Instructional Couples Massages
  Enjoy learning how to massage your significant other.  Our massage therapist will teach you to massage one another. Learn techniques to duplicate the healthy benefits of massage with your partner. This makes a great birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift…….
60min .....$125
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